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              Close the gap
              between strategy + operations

              Loyal customers.
              Energised teams.
              Outstanding results.

              KEYNOTE EVENTS

              Captivating + compelling speaker events that leave delegates educated, engaged + energised

              WORKSHOPS + TRAINING

              Become a Customer Strategy Superhero. Our immersive training programs give you the superpowers to smash your goals


              When you need someone to fly in + do it for you. We can help you know your customer, track your performance + align your business

              CUSTOMER ACADEMY

              COMING SOON!
              The online Customer Strategy Academy will enable you to level up on the ten Customer Strategy capabilities from anywhere

              DO YOU WANT

              Tackle those business + organisation issues that hold back your progress
              by connecting your whole operation with your customer.
              We keep it simple.
              Find out where you are, where you need to be
              + give you the skills to get there.


              Your customer is the ultimate reason for your business.So, it makes sense to have a strategy just for them. What is Customer Strategy?


              When we created our business, no-one really knew what Customer Strategy was. In fact, as leaders in what we do, we still see some blank faces from time-to-time from the soon to be initiated.

              At the heart of our business lies our innovative Customer Strategy Framework. It reveals the nine customer capabilities that help world-leading businesses excel.

              Use our 45+ years of experience + help you follow in their footsteps through a tailored program designed for your business. We accelerate your journey to putting the customer at the heart of everything you, so you smash your goals.

              It’s how we do Customer Strategy that makes all the difference.


              Really understanding who your customers are + bring them to life

              JOURNEY MAPPING

              Visualising the end-to-end journey to gain empathy + reveal new opportunities

              Experience Development

              Beyond service to intentionally design experiences for loyalty


              Experience Reviews


              CULTURE + ALIGNMENT

              Customer Charters


              Beyond our ground-breaking Customer Strategy Framework, what sets us apart is how we work + what we stand for.

              As our client – experiencing our keynotes on Customer, enhancing your capability through Customer workshops or working on consulting projects – you will get to experience the three values that make us, us.


              We’re proud of our work across the globe. We’ve proved that customer-led strategy can transform business + organisational performance in any industry. Check out what our clients have to say.

              The Customer Frame team provided the tools + platform for PPQ to launch a program of initiatives designed to increase customer engagement, brand value + ultimately business performance.

              Jemma Elder

              Managing Director, PPQ

              When you know you have a problem + can’t quite put your finger on it – that’s when you need Customer Frame. They decisively + pragmatically helped us find the edge in an ever-changing landscape.

              Bridget Totterman

              General Manager - Pharmacy, White Retail Group

              CF understand us. Their workshops receive rave reviews + have set the industry benchmark moving forward. They always strive to exceed our expectations + live by the customer ethos they deliver.

              Andrew Fairbairn

              Industry + Membership Development Manager, Visit Sunshine Coast

              Customer Frame have helped us build the foundations to support our industry disruption. A true partner, they challenge us along the journey, yet make it fun at the same time.

              Caleb Dozzi

              Managing Director, dozzi Financial Advice


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